Monday, June 1, 2009

Nice weekend, a little reuniting.

My little baby brother was in town for his friends wedding, and lucky me I got to spend some time with him. Saturday we had a few hours together and we were able to convince him to join face book. We got his profile up and with a picture. Later that evening we went to a friend of ours Graduation BBQ. Her son had graduated high school Class of 09. It was a lot of fun. I have to say I had the best meat ever at this BBQ. Carolina you are the best cook. And the tamales don’t get me started. I am so excited I get to learn how to make them with her at Christmas. So it looks like Christmas will be chocolates and Tamales!

Sunday I went to church with Spencer and my mom. It was stake conference and I have to say the talks were really good. There was one in particular that really stood out to me. It was about being aware and reaching out and helping when someone is in need. The speaker told a story about a young man who was swimming in a river, and there were some teen age girls who were sunbathing along the river. They were listening to music and chatting and just being young girls. The boy called out “where’s the shore.” The girls heard him and just giggled not responding. Then a few minuets later the boy called out a little louder “where’s the shore?” The girls still didn’t respond, they were shock he was still there and why was he saying that to them. They didn’t respond. Then out of panic the boy yells “where’s the shore?” This time the girls got up and realized something was wrong. One girl fled to get some help while the other girls swam out to get him. But it was too late he had drowned. Later in the biopsy that was performed on this young man, they found out he was blind. I really thought about this story, and how many times do I hear someone call out for help, but I ignore and give no response? I just continue to go about what I am doing and think they will be fine. How often to I pay attention to the cries of help around me. How often do I listen to the promptings of a cry in need? It makes me think about being more aware and helpful to those around me.

After church we went back to my parent’s house where we enjoyed a great lunch together. My mom had made ribs and we all filled our plates with yummy food and ate dinner up in my parent’s bedroom to be able to eat together as a family with Dad. My dad had knee surgery and is laid up in bed for a while. He looks pretty good considering he is on oxygen and had an ice pack machine attached to his knee. I was not able to get a good gross picture of his knee this time, but I will get it. It is swollen, and gross. In the middle of the afternoon, my brother and I headed to my house so I could get a few thing done before the gathering that evening. So we rode together to my place. I have to say I really miss my brother he only moved away 9 months ago but it feels a lot longer than that. He is fun to be around and just makes me laugh. With his help I was able to finish the cookies that I was taking special to a friend. He had the idea of using the butterscotch instead of the chocolate chips. I think he was right on. Thanks Spence!

That evening Adam, Spencer, my parents and some friends were able to get together for dinner. We ate and talked for hours. It was funny how all the girls ended up around the dinning room table chatting and all the boys ended up in my dad’s room chatting. It was just a nice day to be able to enjoy with family and friends.

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