Sunday, October 9, 2011

Our Day Adventure on the Potomac

I just love Groupon, they have some fantastic deals on there. So one of these great deals I purchase earlier this year and was hoping to use it with our visitors over the summer. It didn't work out and so Adam and I had 2 tickets to take a cruise on the "Spirit of Mount Vernon"
We had to be at Pier 4 and board the boat by 815am.

It was a beautiful fall day. We could not have asked for better weather to do this trip. The boat ride was a hour and half each way.

Here we are a family of "3"! Palmer is 5 months old and taking his first boat ride. I am so proud of him. He was so much fun and a real treat to take on the day adventure.
The sky was blue and the sun was shining. It was a crisp morning to be out and on the water. We saw so may boats out and fisherman catching fish. I love how people love to wave back and forth as the boats go by. We even saw a guy catch a huge fish and he did a happy dance for us.

We arrive at the Warf. and the second half of our adventure begins.
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We walked up the a steep cobblestone hill and when we reached the top we found the grave of our first President of the United States. There was a tour going on and so we stayed to listen and then got to put our hand over our heart and say the pledge of allegiance.

On our way to the house we stopped and saw all the barns, where he cared for his horses, carriages. We really liked the riding chair and the sleigh behind


The view from the house was gorgeous with the Potomac River behind us.

It is so nice when someone stops and offers to take a picture of our family.
So here we are once again a family of "3"

Here is Adam and Palmer standing in line for the tour of the house.

The whole day was just fun in the sun. I thought 3 hours there was going to be long, but we were rushing to see everything. We still have not seen everything. The indoor museum was amazing and the history that I learned about our dear President George Washington and his wife Martha.

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