Sunday, October 2, 2011

Where has the time gone?

Where has the time gone? Really......I still feel like I am pulling my head out of the sand. I love being a mother. I just can't seem to get my grove back. I am working on it. I have missed blogging and hope to be able to pick it back up. I worked on so many projects before the baby came and never quite posted all of them. There are still some other projects that I am working on. Slowly but surely I will get them finished. I was right thinking. I better get this junk finished before his arrival as I have not had any time to do anything.
I still feel as though I am recovering. I am healed from delivery but I am still working on the stamina thing. I still just don't feel like my old self. I feel old that is for sure. I don't feel as strong as I had before getting pregnant. So now I am determined to get strong again. Have my legs, arms and stomach feel strong once again. Right now I just feel like a old lady with aches and pains.

Ok enough with the complaining.

One of the greatest blessing ever. Our son! He is such a treat. He is so much fun. He amazes me every day.

The past month he has grown up so much. Last week when I went to get him out of his crib he reached both of his arms up to me. I about cried seeing his eyes lock in on me and reach for me. It melted my heart. He has learned to roll on his tummy. The only thing is he will not roll back. He figures it out sometimes but mostly on accident. So then he gets frustrated and puts his face to the ground a cries until someone comes to rescue him. Which is all the time.

About two weeks ago I picked up a jumper play saucer thingy. Do you like how we have no idea what these toys are called but pick them up thinking it is something our son needs. Well the first time we put him in it, he loved it he just was not quite ready for it. Yesterday I found that he has grown again and fits in it pretty good. He loves it.

He still does not like the swing. He only last in it long enough for me to empty the dishwasher or get about 3 bites of food in my mouth. He has not liked that thing from day one.

The boppy bouncer thingy worked great for us. But now he is sliding out of it. Yep, we could latch him in it, but now he is not interested in being in it anymore.
He wiggles to get out of your arms when you are holding him or walking around. He is way more alert and wants to be part of the activities.
I have noticed him watching me eat as he looks interested in what I am eating. I think next month he may be interested in introducing new foods to him. We still have him on the bottle, never introduced rice. It was something we also tried but then decided against it. He is growing fast and I can't believe I am a mother. I still have to pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming.

I am living my dream. A mom who gets to stay at home with her little guy. I love it!

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Linda said...

You know that life is good when reality is better than your dreams! I'm so glad we both had our dreams come true. A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about a book I read called "In Praise of Stay-at-Home moms." I think you would enjoy reading the post I did about that book because I list a lot of really neat quotes from the book. I promise you that it will warm your heart and make you snuggle that cute little boy of yours even more!