Sunday, October 30, 2011

First Solid Food

With our baby turning 6 months I started having people ask me if I had given him solids yet. NOPE! I could not wrap my mind around it. I had a long discussion with one of my sisters about it. I just was not ready to start him on solids. I didn't think he was ready. After talking with my hubby about it we decided that Sunday morning would be a good time to start him on solids. We decided to do rice cereal.Adam pulled out the high chair and i just thought, my little baby will not be able to sit in it. To my surprise he sat in it just fine. He fits in it like a glove. He started to bang his hands on the tray like he is telling me Let's Eat!
I read the box and figure out how to make the stuff and stir and get it ready for him. I find a baby spoon that we had in the back of the drawer and got ready to feed my little boy.
The first bite. I was not expecting much. I put a little on the spoon and head to his mouth. Before I realized it his mouth is open and he has the spoon in there. He sucks it up. Did he really do that. I take another little bit on the spoon and try it again. He opens his mouth and takes it in. My little man ate the whole thing. I could not believe he was leaving in towards us to get more food. We could not spoon it fast enough into his mouth. He loved it.

My little man taught me today that I should not hold him back because of my own fears. He is ready when he is ready. I have notice him watch me eat and I thought he had mimicked me a few times. I had no idea that his first feeding was going to be such a success. I am so proud of my little man.

Follow up: it is now a week later, our little man loves cereal and sweet potato. He is not a fan of avocado.

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Marion in Colorado said...

Excellent job, Nikki! You probably could have started him earlier on solids but it is what it is and you do it how you feel doing it. You will see, in no time he will eat Spaghetti! I never forget the stare that Olivia gave us when we ate spaghetti and she was so STARING at us that we gave her a tiny bit and she loved it! No teeth to chew but just the different taste of food was what she was looking for! But somehow I do not see any pictures (just this error sign) on your blog on boh the Mac and the PC. I wonder what's wrong?