Saturday, February 11, 2012

First Swing Ride

I guess I always imagine me as a soccer mom, taking my kids to the park and playing with them outside. I never thought my first experience would be like this. It has been a cold winter and not much sun.

On the days I want to get out for our walks it seems to be the worst days ever. With the rain or wind. We have had a few great days but those days seem to take us else where and not to the park. The other day it was a pretty good day and we were out walking. I had walked by this park several times and never thought to look at it for my little man. Well the other day the park looked as though it was calling out to me. Even though it was located in a bunch of trees and you had to walk down a steep hill that had no path other then other people tromping down on it. It was a bit muddy and wet and a little slick to walk down the hill, but some one had put down hay to keep you from sliding. Anyway I reached the bottom with my trusty jogging stroller that drives through anything and found a single swing bucket swing.
It was cold and little man was telling me he was done with our walk. Little did he know that we were still a mile from home. I pulled him out of the stroller and sat him in the swing. He put a big smile on his face he looked at me and was like, "what is this you have put me in? I am up in the air and moving" He loved it. It lasted about 5 minuets and then he tells me he is done and let's get home. So I put him back in the stroller and I make a sprint for the house.
As the sun is going down and it is only getting colder outside. So our first park/swing experience was a good one just not a long one. I can't wait for a spring/summer day where I can take little man to the park and let him experience the wonders of a park from his view point.

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