Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Baby Food Pouch

So I mentioned that little man is just not interested in anything that is put on a spoon and the only thing he will pick up to eat is Cheerios. Why does this surprise me. Little man has wanted his food to drip down his throat since he was born.

It reminds me of the Simpsons episode when Homer is put on a feeding tube, then he becomes so lazy that he only eats with the feeding tube, then he has a wheel chair, but then decide it is too much work to push and gets and electric one, then decides that is too much work to push the buttons.

Ok, so little man is not this bad, but I really want him to eat more than Cheerios and a bottle. He was doing so well. There is baby food now that are put in squeezable pouches. They were on sale and so I decided to try some. I found that my little man likes to hold the thing and suck the food out. He will eat the whole container and loves everything I am feeding him with it right now.

So now I am trying to think how can I feed this kid with out buying the squeezable pouch? I need to get creative and feed him with a cookie press or a cake decorating tip in a bag? Seriously, I hope this phase will pass before he is one. I am still trying the spoon thing at every feeding and he takes a bit or two and then is done. But he never turns down the pouch.

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Erin said...

i love these squeezy baby foods. i'm impressed that he tried to feed himself that early on. we tried with chaz and it never seemed to work so well. he LOVES the pumpkin/banana flavor. you can get a lot of other varieties on amazon.com or at wegmans.