Friday, February 24, 2012

First Plane Ride

I was so nervous about flying alone with Little Man. I worry about the unknown lately. I asked for advice and read online how to travel with a little one. In the end it was a great trip. Little man did just fine. The security people just loved him and would stop us so they could take a look at him and try to get him to smile.

I wasn't so worried about getting through security it was mostly about the flights. The first plane was packed. Every seat was full and it was a small plane with only 2 seats on each side. We had an aisle seat and the man sitting next to us at the window was very kind. The man on the other side was really grumpy. Little man fussed here and there but did great for his first flight. I realized that I gave him the bottle a bit too early as we were taxing on the runway for quite a while. I realized that little man had almost sucked up his bottle and I had to water his bottle down quickly just before we gained speed to leave the runway. Once in the air he relaxed and ate treats. He was more interested in playing with the tray table. The flight was only a hour and half and the last 20 mins of flight little man fell asleep. The place had to circle for a while which made us a late arrival.

We were suppose to have a 40 mins connection. I literally had 10 mins to get to my next gate. We had to wait for the stroller and then make a run for the next gate. We made it just in time. We had another small plane to get on. We made it to the gate and headed outside to drop off the stroller and climbed the stairs to board the plane. We were the last to get on the plane. It was a full plane once again. As I am walking down the aisle I can feel the people starring at me. I see those who avoid eye contact, those who have frowns. those you know they are think, crap a kid on the plan. We walk to the very last row on the plane and find that there is 2 open seats.

Oh it was the best plane ride ever. Little man ate his mum mum and drank his bottle, he had room to look out the window and play with the arm rest. It was only a 40 min flight and the flight crew just loved him.
When we got to baggage claim all those people who avoided eye contact and had frowns on their faces, came up to little man and told him how cute he was and how they didn't even know there was a baby on the plane.
We waited and waited for our bag, and it never came. Later that afternoon they delivered my one bag to me. It was a tight connection, we were lucky to make it. Apparently the bag was not.

So our adventures begins.

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