Sunday, November 30, 2008

Old computer / TV card

Well, Nikki used her "jedi mind tricks" on me and we got a 22" monitor and a USB TV card for $20. I started to try it out to "make sure it works". However, I discovered that one of our computers is so old (about 6+ yrs. old) that it doesn't even have USB 2.0, in only has 1.0 and the card was only designed for 2.0. I tried it on the other computer that is slightly less old (only about 4 years old), and it has USB 2.0 and actually worked!

The good thing is that I can now start using the "newer" computer (4 yr. old) to act as a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) / HTPC (Home theater type of PC). I'm going to test it out next week and record a week's worth of Nikki's favorite shows on the PC and see if they turn out.

The newer card is pretty cool, it even has auto-record and programmable features. The last TV card I bought was so old that Windows98 was the newest thing around, back then. So it will be nice to have one that actually works on a modern operating system.


Adam and Nikki said...

so I think you need to upgrade Nikki's computer so she can watch her shows while she is working out. You get the best of both worlds, she will get fit (smokin hot wife) and your wife will be happy.

Diana said...

very nice!