Thursday, January 29, 2009

Last of Christmas!

Today at work they emailed us our pictures we took at our work Christmas Party. I had forgotten we had done this. A few of my co workers in my department jumped in on the fun

On the left is Kelli and Pat *************************On the right is me with Vanessa.

Since these pictures came in it got me to thinking about one of the items I came home with. Randy, It was so worth the money. It was really yummy. Thank you Nancy and Randy for the Chocolate covered Sardines. I am glad you passed the goodness on to me and not Calvin. LOL I had to take a picture so you can see for yourselves of the goodness that I was able to endulge in.

I tell you the French sure know how to make a good Milchschokolade Sardinen mit Vollmichshokolade.

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