Friday, May 29, 2009

Learning to Laugh @ yourself

Laughing at yourself
I recently heard a wise person say that "when we are tempted to groan [out at life's challenges] we should consider laughter instead. It will brighten the day of people around us too." Later that day I was in the kitchen routinely getting out some food. As I reached for the cottage cheese, it slipped from my grip and fell on the kitchen floor splattering it all over (actually only about 1/2 of it spilled out).

At this point our two little dogs, who are perfect little "food scroungers" and are always on hand when we're in the kitchen, seize the opportunity for some free food and begin cleaning up for us before I could even reach down to pick up the mess :-) At this point the whole thing struck me as incredibly funny and I started laughing :-) I commented to Nikki about how great it is to have two little instant 'cleaner-uppers' for just such an occasion.

A few minutes later Nikki started preparing to cook something in the oven. I continued on preparing some food and after a few minutes of hearing the microwave oven going, Nikki turns to me and asks: "What are you cooking in the microwave? (for 17 minutes?)"

I turned back to her, and said: "I'm not cooking anything, it must be you". She looks through the glass with a curious expression on her face and decides to open the door to peer in and see what's inside. She opens it and with a surprised expression says: "There's nothing in here!" Then Nikki realizes: "Oh, I meant to set the microwave KITCHEN timer, instead of the COOKING timer!" The microwave was just whirring away while counting down from 18 minutes on the timer. At this point we both laughed at ourselves. I said, "see you can laugh at yourself and so can I" :-)

We both had a good laugh and smiled at each other.

So, the next time your spill milk, or crack something by dropping it or something else like that, try to laugh at yourself, you'll certainly feel much better afterwords and you'll probably put a smile on the face of someone else too. :-) :-)


dynomitegirl said...

I need to laugh today, I have been way to uptight for the last 12 hours and I think my husband is ready to ship me to Australia!

Anonymous said...

Great thing to keep in mind! Thanks for sharing.