Thursday, February 17, 2011

Excuses Excuses!

So I have always felt that if I couldn't put pictures up when I blogged then it wasn't worth a post. I received and email today from a friend who wondered what happen to me.

Why my blog was so out of date?

Well I would like to blame it on my computer that is having a hard time, definitely needs upgrade. Next we moved into a new house in October. Yes it has been a while yet we are still moving in slowly. I got pregnant (Yippee) and spend the remaining part of last year sick. All these excuses sound really good don't they? They are valid at least to me.

So much has happened since my last post which I am going to have to go back and read because I have no idea where I left of at? Excuses, excuses that's all I have for not being good at updating what is going on in our lives.

Where do I begin? I will start off slowly and lead up to where we are now. When I have been feeling up to life I have been moving into our new home Trying to make it a home. In the beginning I was not motivated. I just looked around and felt overwhelmed by everything. This is not a natural reaction for me. I always take things head on and I think I am very organized. I can blame it on the pregnancy hormones so I will. They have taken me into a whole new realm on life. I find that I tire easy, I eat things that I normally would not eat and I look at projects and get completely overwhelmed. I have walked around with a cloud in my head and my creative inside came to a halt.

That has changed. As I am adapting to this new world of being pregnant and accepting all the wonders it has to offer. In the month of January the cloud cleared and my mind started to get motivated and so did my body. I spent the month with all my energy working on projects around the house. I have some big reveals that will be posting soon with all my hard work.

I am 28 weeks along and feel pretty good most of the time. I had an appointment today and my OB told me that I needed to bring it down a notch on my activity. OK I really thought I was. I have stopped climbing ladders and since I was sick the past 2 weeks have spent it in bed. Yet today he is telling. Take it down a notch. HMMMM> I will listen as I don't want to be put on bed rest. That would really kill my creativity inside of me. And my house will not be perfect for this baby that will arrive in 3 short months.

Sorry no pictures just yet. Excuses, excuses. The dog ate them. I will be posting pictures very soon. I need to get the Mr to help me figure out what has happened to my computer.

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