Sunday, February 27, 2011

Memories of Mimi's

Yesterday a friend of mine Sarah and I went to go visit another of our friends Valerie. Valerie just moved to Sterling, VA earlier in the month and we wanted to go see her and take a look at her new place. We met Valerie at her sister's salon and there I found my favorite hair product which is Morrocan Oil.

This is the most amazing product for your hair. I have thick dry hair and you would know because of this product. I had just ran out and have only been able to order it on the Internet.

I use it when my hair is wet or dry and I can use it daily on my dry hair. It just eats it up. So that was such a great surprise to see it in her sister's salon.

Then we all get in Valerie's car and head to her new house. On our way we drive right by Dulles Town Center where I spot a Mimi's Cafe. I get so excited. Let me explain why. I had no idea they even had one in VA. It was like a little piece of Colorado for me. I have so many fond memories of going to Mimi's. This is what brings me to the title of Memories of Mimi's.

The first time I ever went to Mimi's Cafe was with my younger sister Chris. She was working in Broomfield, CO and wanted to meet me for lunch. So I went out there and we had brunch. To me it looked like a old person place to eat, kind of old fashion and I was not sure. But after my first breakfast there I was hooked. It was so good.

The other location I would often go to is the Mimi's on Alameda and I225. It was close to my job. I would go there with co-workers for breakfast or lunch and my last day at work my going away breakfast we went there. It was such a fun breakfast with my UPI friends.

Another memories of Mimi's. We were given a gift card from our Home Teacher Brother Christiansen. He knew about our desire to be parents and going through treatments. He told us to use the gift and relax and have a nice evening together.

The final memory I want to share was the end of March 2009 when I had found out that I was pregnant for the first time. It had only been a few days and I just confirmed it with the doctor that afternoon. When I was done with work I headed over to Target to do a little shopping. That is when I got a call from my parents asking me if Adam and I could meet them for dinner. They were in the area. I told them I was right by Mimi's and I would call Adam and we would meet them. I was so excited about the pregnancy and I couldn't resist on telling them. So I put back everything from my cart and headed to the baby section and picked something up with a gift bag. Adam and I met my parents at the Cafe. After we ordered and were sitting there waiting for our food. I pull out a gift bag and gave it to my parents. I told them I had a little present for them. They were shocked and excited but gave me a questionable look. My mom opened the bag and pulled out a baby shirt that said. "I love my Grandma" They both got tears in their eyes, we were able to celebrate our exciting news with them that night at Mimi's Cafe.

So you see, when I saw Mimi's Cafe yesterday it brought back all sorts of memories that I experienced in Colorado. I think I will always be a little homesick to Colorado. Mimi's Cafe to me is a piece of Colorado that I miss.

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MIMIS reminds me of CO too. You look adorable and I'm so excited for you guys! I need your address when you get a chance email me @