Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ribbon Heaven in Hagerstown

It's time for a Road Trip to Hagerstown. I was told about this tiny little town when I first moved here that was only only 1.5 hours drive from my house. A little group of us jumped into the car this week and took the road trip to what I like to call Ribbon Heaven.

The nation's biggest ribbon factory. The operation came to Hagerstown in 1922, begun by a family with experience in ribbonmaking dating to 19th-century France. Eight years ago, the Berwick Offray Ribbon Outlet Store opened next to the factory, where bins and boxes overflow with discontinued styles, overstocks and seconds: ice blue with brown polka dots, moss green sheers printed with Christmas lights, violet double-faced satins, grosgrains, taffetas and woven plaids, some for as little as 25 cents a yard or 10 cents a roll.

This is ribbon Heaven - I was shocked at the prices. I saw one, then another and then hundreds of choices all ranging from .25 for a bag of ribbons to fill a bag for $1.25. I filled up my basket and walked out of the store with 2 larges bags filled and only spent a total of $22.00. See my stash below. I feel like I have a life supply of ribbon. Now that I have a ribbon connection I will be finding more ways to use ribbons.


Christine said...

Nikki I NEED ribbion, if you ever head back that way let me know and I will send you some $$$$.

Hugs girl and I hope the baby growing is going well.

Teri said...

That place does sound like HEAVEN to ME!!!! Wish I could visit that factory!!! Looks like you got a lot of goods!