Thursday, March 10, 2011

Not what I expected today

So this past week I have really been taking it easy. The whole no energy and dizziness has taken it's toll on me. So I have really limited my activities. Which makes me so sad because I wanted to go out and play with some friends. I have been getting the rest that I guess my body needs and I have been working on getting more nutrients into my body. I have decided that I need more protein as I just feel malnourished.

This week I have been adding protein supplements to my diet via protein shakes in all forms. Including a drink called Isopure. You can find that at GNC. It comes in a 20 oz bottles and it looks like cool aid. Mind you it doesn't taste like cool aid. The best part is that one bottle contains 40 grams of protein. Now your body only can use 20 grams at a time so you have 2 servings to a bottle. Yesterday i tried the grape. Not too bad. Today I am trying the Peach/Mango - not bad either. I have a few more flavors to try before I determine the best flavor. At that point then I think I will order a case online and see if I can get it any cheaper then $5 a pop at GNC. Since I have up the protein to around 70+ grams a day I am feeling better. I am also still up the iron as well. Overall I think it is all helping. Time will tell in the next week or two. So that is the update on my energy.

Today was my OB appointment. My last one was three weeks ago at 28. This is what I didn't expect to find. My last appointment my belly measured right on track and this week going into my 31 week my belly measured at 33 weeks. I thought I had got bigger all the sudden but they confirmed that. I didn't think it was a big deal. I had only gained 2lbs in 3 weeks as well. So it is official I am 20lbs gained so far. The next thing they tell me is that we need to book a sonogram next week to see the baby and make sure everything is ok in there. They want to check the actual size of the baby, the fluid and to see if the fibroid has grown. That is where the concern is for the growth, is the fibroid growing and causing my belly to measuring larger then it should right now.

I am not too concerned actually a little excited to see Baby Boy next week and see how the little guy is doing. I am so grateful for technology and that we are able to go have a look and know what to expect if there is a problem. The benefits of living in this day and age.

The past Sunday someone asked me if I knew what sex of baby we were having. I told her yes and what it was. She shook her head at me and with a little disappointment asked me why I would find out the sex. I just smiled as I was actually surprised by the judgment of knowing that we were expecting a boy. But I smiled back and said, "Why not? Living in this day and age and the technology that we have. If I can find out anything about this child that is growing inside of me I want to know all there is about him."

Then I also answered the true me!

Which is I hate waiting and I would rather open my presents on Christmas eve then wait for Christmas morning. I could not wait to find out what sex this baby was, I didn't want to wait for Christmas morning to find out. So I didn't. It was a mutual decision. Adam and I both wanted to know. He feels the same way about technology and using it. But Adam on the other hand is a guy who likes surprises and makes us wait for Christmas morning. Except in this case.

So today was not what I expected, but thank goodness I will be able to get more information next week.

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Christine said...

I am not a big fan on waiting ... usually that is the hardest part of anything for me .... all of that pesky waiting.