Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sneak Peak- Nursery

This is long overdue for a sneak peak to the nursery. We are now in the single digits in weeks to the countdown of our little miracle and now is the time to kick it in gear. Make sure everything is ready for his arrival. I keep picturing my world at a stand still for a few months and so I am determined to get moved into this house and all the little/big projects on my list completed in the next month.

So here are some peaks into the nursery. Once it has all come together I will give the final reveal.

My color scheme I choose was Tangerine, Lime Green and Baby Blue.

Do you know how hard it is to find these colors for a baby nursery? I found that I had to think outside of the box for this nursery. I wanted to create a space that I just loved. Adam just wanted bright colors. So he was pleased that our boys room had blue in it.
I made the curtains and bed skirt, I know, I know brace yourself. I really did it and all on my own. This is how handy I am. NOT! I am sewing challenged! Determined to do this I thought it through and accomplished it. I am kind of proud of myself. So I will give a big pat on my back. I found a Nathan Adler duvet cover on clearance at Burlington Coach Factory and made the curtains. My only regret was not picking up the twin that was there as well. When I went back it was gone. But then I found twin sheets that were perfect in color and picked that up on clearance. I used that for the crib skirt and combined the sheet with the duvet and made another curtain for the closet. I think my best work yet.

Her are some items that I have prepared and will be going up in the room.

I love finding a good deal. It is a thrill to know that you have found a great item at a great price. We have been looking for a rocker/recliner for the nursery for a while now. I have been watching sales, stores and craigslist. My dream was to find a leather rocker/recliner in a neutral color that we could still use once we were done with it in the nursery. But my fear was the price. My fear was we would end up with a burgandy/blue scratchy recliner that had smells. You know what I talking about. At dinner last Friday night the topic came up again with Adam and I about looking for a recliner. I told him it had been a few days since I had checked craigslist and I had a few stores picked out to check on Saturday. So at 9pm at night I check online and I see a few options. I email the seller and they both get back to me right away. One is available the other is not. I make an appointment to see the recliner. The picture looks good and it looks like it is in good condition. Lucky for me the seller really didn't have any information other than a picture of the item. We get there and it is perfect. The family proceeds to tell us it is a few years old and has sat in the guest room barely used. The leather is in perfect condition and the chair feel brand new. So for $150.00 we take the leather, neutral, rocker/recliner. I am giddy inside as we drive away from the smoke free home. So here is our best deal find of the month! I am still giddy when I see it.

Oh the many nights we will be enjoying each other.


Christine said...

Love the curtians! You are so myuch craftier than you give yourself creidt for!

Erin said...

GREAT idea to have the rocker/recliner. I wish ours was in that good of shape. We're dumping ours before we go. It's so broken. I'm so happy you found a good one!

KathyC said...

I LOVE your color scheme!! It's going to be a fun room... you do have a gift for decorating, after all :)

We had a hard time finding light teal with chocolate brown, b/c everyone else was doing blue/brown. Way to take matters into your own hands!