Monday, May 21, 2012

Battle of the Bottle

What have you got for me to try this morning?
It is time I know, yet I am having a hard time wrapping my head around getting rid of the bottle. He is almost 13 months and I still give him a morning and evening bottle. I love that cuddle time with him. We start our day and end our day in the rocker and I feed him his bottle and hold him, cuddle him and enjoy the little baby in my arms.

 Ok he is not little anymore. My arm sometimes falls asleep now with his head on it and if he angles it right it kind of hurts. He sprawls out in my lap, and sometimes he tries to look out the window and forget he is eating. He now throws his bottle on this last slurp. But n those 10 mins it takes him to fill up on the bottle, I love it. I treasure it. I still love to hold my little man and feed him. I am working on getting me ready for his transition. Now it is convincing him that he doesn't need a bottle and figuring out a new night time routine without a bottle. UGH!

I have spent oh so much time on the internet reading reviews about sippy cups, beginner cups, straw cups, spill proof, expensive and cheap ones. Reviews and reviews of parents who love their sippy cups. I have been off to the store to look for these sippy cups and come home to try it out and see if he will take it. He has come to enjoy one cup so far.  Now my hubby gave me the idea that he would take a straw sippy cup because of those pouches we feed him. He sucks them up.

I love these pouches and the grains they put in them.  My little man is eating better because of them.
Well he was right. The kid picked up the sippy and once he figured where his mouth went he started to suck.  The one he took to is a Playtex little gripper Straw cup.

Now here comes the battle of the bottle. I have tried to get him to drink water, milk, juice whatever. He has now decided he doesn't like milk. For the past few months I have been adding milk to his formula gradually. I got to half full of each and he wont take it. Give me a break. So I had to get sneaky with the little man and made him his first smoothie. It contained whole organic milk, frozen strawberries, banana and flax seeds. I put it in this sippy and put it on his tray. I walked away.
He drank the whole 4oz. Wow, so the next morning I did the same thing. This time I changed it up a bit and added a berry mixture with spinach and milk. Put it on this stray and walked away. The kid picked it up and drank it all gone. He is getting his milk, fruit and veggie in a serving. Love it! I try not to get too excited in front of him. Letting him think it is his idea.

 Well today. I put the sippy on his tray with water and some lemon in the water. I left it there while I was cooking dinner. He was playing around and I saw him reach up and then grab the sippy and drink 2 oz from it. I about died seeing him do that. He has not taken water before in it. Now I am on the hunt to get another one of these sippy cups to have on hand. So now the next thing for me to do is get rid of the bottle. I am working on it. But at least he is drinking sippy during the day right?

The big complaint about these cups is the straw is too short you can't get the last ounce in this cup and he totally let's me know he has another ounce of smoothie and needs help.  So we take of the lid and let him drink the rest with some help. 
Mom stop with the pictures and let me enjoy my smoothie. 

Loving my new sippy cup and smoothie!


Erin said...

i wish i had known about those straw cups before. we have the playtex sippy grippers and somehow he knows exactly how to bang them on the table to get all the milk to leak out. :-(

Piper said...

If he will take any of the soft spout sippies you can do the same nighttime routine with the sippy instead of the bottle. Worked for Graham. Sometimes he even still makes sounds like he is nursing- it cracks me up!

Great call on the smoothies too- Leila can't get enough of those!