Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cupcake to Try

I love a good cupcake and always searching for the winner place to buy one. I was going to buy them for my little man's bash but then when you start to ring up 30 cupcakes at $2.75 each. Hmmmmm that really adds up quickly. So I was on the hunt for a cupcake recipes that I would just die for.

 I found it. There is a great site you can make these beauties for yourself or the ones you love. First you need a great cake, something moist and not difficult to put together right. I have it here.

It is a cake box that has been spiced up. With just a few extra ingredients you have a master cupcake.

While I was visiting my sister and her family down south we were watching Alton Brown making Lemon curd. HMMMMMMM.....the wheels in my head starting turning. We should hollow out a white cupcake and fill it with his lemon curd. Oh and we did.

Next you need a light frosting, something just right to enhance the flavor of this delicious cupcake you have just produced. I have two recipes for you. I feed my little man this one. only I added a few drops of Lemon essential oil and it enhanced the cupcake perfectly.  The vanilla cupcakes for the kids I used this frosting.

The second frosting I used at my party was this one
Yes this is the perfect frosting or filler. I have used both vanilla extract and lemon essential oil in this frosting, all I can say it is the bomb! For the adults I used this frosting on the lemon curd cupcakes.

 Now take a look at these cupcakes, doesn't make you want to try these recipes for yourself?

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