Monday, May 25, 2009

Need time to Breath!

Adam and I took a couple of days to go away, we went to our favorite place. It is our place we like to go when we just need to leave the world behind. Carbondale, Colorado. It is 12 miles from Glenwood Springs and only 20 miles from Aspen. A good place to stay and enjoy the beauty of the town and the surrounding towns. We packed our bikes, hiking shoes and swimsuit for this adventure. I absolutely love this part of Colorado. The town is so charming and one of the Greenest towns in Colorado. I have found a few of my favorite restaurants here and look forward to the next meal because it is simply amazing. We left Denver late in the morning. We decided to leave the girls behind and have a neighbor check on them while we were gone. Adam did the driving, while I reclined my seat and took a nap. We made it in record time to Silverthorne. One thing I can’t do is drive through Silverthorne without at least taking a look at a few of my favorite stores. Shopping is not one of Adam’s favorite thing to do, but like a good husband he will walk with me and find the park bench outside the store and play with his I phone. I really try to rush around but of course 3 hours later and a few bags in my hand we are ready to get back on the road. I have found Silverthorne to be a hit or miss. This time was a hit.

When we got to our hotel, we were able to check in and was given a warm cookie from the oven. I know I have mentioned this before. But there is something about getting a warm cookie when you arrive to your destination. We got our things settled in our room, quickly freshened up and went to dinner. I decided I didn’t want to ride our bikes to main street this time. We went to my favorite place to eat. Six 89, it is an amazing! I can’t begin to tell you the amazing experience you will have at this place. It is a sophisticated, casual yet elegant restaurant. They use local farmer and ranchers for the food. The food is the experience, your pallet will crave what ever you order off the menu. You mind will never forget the joy you felt from your meal. Definitely a must for us for a few meals while we are in town! Our dinner lasted a few good hours and it was dark and late by the time we headed out. We went back to our hotel to call it a night and to see what our adventures would take us the next day.

The next morning we got up to hit the breakfast buffet that was waiting for us. After breakfast we just felt worn out from life and decided to head back to the room and take a nap. It was nice to have a lazy day, no one calling, no where to be. Just us and going to the beat of our own drums. When we finally decided to get up and head out we jumped on our bikes and rode to Main Street. The last time we were here there was a place I wanted to go but it was closed.

We decided to head to the Eco-Goddess Edibles, which is an all organic cuisine. The food is so fresh and good you can feel the vitamins and energy hit your body when you eat it. They juice there as well so you can get a refreshing shot of carrot, wheatgrass and ginger. We shared the best carrot cake I have ever eaten. After lunch we found a path that lead off main street and went for a couple hour ride. As I am riding along this path, I am amazed of how beautiful it is here. I am amazed at the mountains, the stream, and the field that are all around me. I feel the wind on my face and the clean air in my lungs and there is not other place that I want to be then here right now at this time.

When we get back to our hotel, I feel the exhaustion so we kick it for a while. I take some time to recover from the ride but too eager to continue the day. We decide to head into Glenwood Springs and walk the town. We window shop and look in a few stores and browse. We walk up and down and finally decide on a place for dinner. It was good, but not as good as my Six 89. I kept thinking, oh we should have gone back there for dinner. As it got later, the reality of the day set in. We were not going to get all that we had planned on this trip. But that we would come back and enjoy another time up here.

The next morning we got up and leisurely checked out of our hotel and headed home. The sun was shinning and as we passed the hot springs I thought to myself today would be the perfect day for the hot springs. Once we hit Vail there was snow. Then just past the tunnel it was fog. The fog was so thickyou could not see the car in front of us, even though everyone was driving with their hazards on. We came out of the cloud as we hit the bottom of the hill. The city was cloudy and much colder here then the 70 degree weather we had left from one a few hours ago.

It was a wonderful short trip. Something about getting up there and biking and eating organic food made my heart heal just a little more. It helped release some of the tension I have been feeling and the sadness that has filled me. But riding out there with the clean air and letting my mind wonder, I realized the beauty that is around me. I can hide from it or embrace it. I want to embrace it. There is yet so much more that I can do for those around me and for myself. Even though it was a short trip, it was what my spirit needed. It rejuvenated me and opened my heart and my love for what our future holds.

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