Sunday, May 24, 2009

Time for Round II

We have decided to move forward and put our hearts out there once again to adopt a child. There has been much heart ache and prayer involved for us to make this choice. I still feel numb inside and cant’ trust anything I feel anymore. Adam woke up yesterday and told me about a dream he had. He was very persistent that we contact our case worker and let him know to put our names back up on the list. I did just that yesterday I sent our case worker an email. When he gets into work on Tuesday he can begin the process of getting our profile back up online. So maybe by next Thursday or Friday we will be an active searchable couple. Adoption is not an easy choice for anyone to make. It is bigger than us all. It takes so much of a person to be the giver. I don’t think it will ever get easier for anyone when it comes to deciding placement of a child. One thing I do understand of the whole process, is the Lord is involved 100% and the spirit will guide the families involved. Here we are once again, putting ourselves and our hearts out there in hopes to build our family through adoption.


Kevin and Kristy said...

We just want you to know we are thinking about you.

Deming Ducks said...
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Annie Carie said...

Jason and I are thinking of the two of you. Love you.