Thursday, January 1, 2009

Great Christmas Adventures - Continued -

Friday December 26, 2008
The next morning we found more snow outside and that is pretty much snowed the majority of the day. Adam and I got up and made a hearty breakfast for everyone. Actually every day we were there we made hearty breakfast that I found on my last day. Cal asked me as I am carrying my luggage down the stairs if breakfast was ready, and to his disappointment I told him I was flying out and that there was not time for me to make breakfast today, so he would need to go have cereal. I found myself with the excitement to make a igloo with the kids. I asked Sarin to go online and find an igloo plans to we could built one.

Calvin, Saren, Scott, Janie and myself went out to start the grand project. In about 2 hours of building our Igloo we found the workers starting to get distracted and the Iglo not getting bigger. So we sat down and decided it was going no where and to make a snow man instead. So the massage igloo that could house the whole family turned into a snow cover for snowball fights.

The snow was so deep and heavy that was we formed the base for the snowman we found that it was hard to roll it up closer to the road. I backed off and Cal with his muscles got on his knees to push the massive bulge forward. I was so impressed with his strength.

The kids came up with the idea to make a snowman sideways in the snow as if he is swimming. So we made the snowman, finding some hair for his head, twigs for his swimming arms and a carrot for his mustache. We used foil for his eyes. It started to get dark and so Janie heading in to get some hot chocolate, Sarin and Scott soon followed.

Cal and I stayed to finish the snowman and found that he looked like a life guard if we attached the sleigh to him. So there you have Cal being rescued by the swimming snowman. We never got the fins made that were the sharks chasing the snowman.

I didn’t realized how chilled to the bone I was until I got inside and all the wet clothes off and some hot chocolate inside me. While we were eating dinner I didn’t realize how hungry I was when I soon got the shakes from not eating and playing so hard in the snow. That night I watched a movie with the kids. We watch a panda movie that was really cute and I fell asleep watching flipper. Not so cute if you ask me, kind of boring. Saturday December 27, 2008 We were able to get out a bit. So the girls all went shopping and the boys went to the gaming store. It was fun to have the girls afternoon. Saren has really grown up, and she has good taste in clothes. It was cool to see her find cute clothes and she looks so good in everything she puts on. She had some gift cards to spend so she was a girl on a mission that day. Janie got a little bored and so Nancy took her to the play place to work of some energy. Soon we all met up and headed to a few other stores before going home to made pizza’s for dinner. Dinner was a lot of fun together, we made the dough and then we prepared all sorts of toppings. Then we each made our own individual pizzas for dinner. Everyone got what they wanted and for a few of 8 that was a crowd pleaser. After dinner the boys started a game of Monopoly and the girls when down to watch the chick flick. I told Saren that I wanted to sit in the big bean bag to watch the movie so we raced to the bean bag. As we came down the stairs and around the corner I saw Saren run into the air hockey table. I turned to laugh at her and then found myself jam my hip into the fuse ball table. Yea and then fell into the big bean bag. I won, but I have a huge black bruise on my hip from it. It was a really cute Cinderella story and I really enjoyed watching it with Janie and Saren. When the movie was done we went to check on the boys who were still playing the game. Scott looked upset as he was loosing and Adam and Randy were battling it out. So we went back downstairs to watch Kung Fu Panda. One by one the boys came down as they lost the game. Once the movie was over we went upstairs to find that the game was still going between Randy and Adam. Randy was winning and Adam was holding on. I wanted to watch the Mummy movie with the boys and had waiting all night to do it. So I convinced Scott and Cal that the games would go on for at least another hour between Adam and their dad and we should start the movie. So we did. We went to watch the movie. I found myself asleep shortly after it starting and then I hurt all sorts of noise upstairs. Adam lost the game. Sunday December 28, 2008 To our surprise they had announced one hour Church. Yeah! So after we fed the crew a massive breakfast we each took turns using the bathroom to get ready. I found myself in the girl’s bedroom curing their hair. Janie had more hair than I had thought and it seemed we didn’t have the time to take in Sarin’s hair. But Janie when with a full hair of ringlet curls to church. She told me while we were doing her hair that she did not want to look like an old lady. Because old lady’s have curls in their hair, once we were done, Janie tells me that when she grows up she thinks she will curl her hair. Sunday was relaxing and fun to just hang out and play games and talk.

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I am so glad that you guys had such a great trip!