Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We better not quit our day jobs!

Saturday was a beautiful day with 60 degree weather. Nice change for what we had a month ago with a -18degrees. We had to wait until noon for the temperature to get high enough for a bike ride. We took a great 45 mins ride around Green Valley. I have to say, I have had the worst luck riding, because once again I got a flat tire on my way home. Yes the first for this year but not the last until I can order some of those super sonic tires off the internet.

Later that evening we went over to a to Marions' and Chris's house for a Rockband II party. They had invited another couple over. While the kids played with their toys in the next room the adults played with their toys late into the night.

Here are pictures of our men jaming to the music. I think Adam was singing "Eye of the Tiger" at this point. Chris was strutting his stuff on the drums while Pablo was kicking it on the guitar.

After seeing our performances on video, I think we should all keep our day jobs. And keep this between us for those wild rockband partys full of chocolate covered fruit and cheese fondue. Thanks Marion and Chris for a rockstar night!

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Annie Carie said...

Rock band is SO FUN, wish we could have rocked with you!