Thursday, January 8, 2009

The island of Duvall

This is so crazy I had to post it on my blog. We just recently returned from some crazy weather in Seattle being snowed in. Well the snow had to melt RIGHT? And so it did. My sister sent these pictures to me today of their new found Island of Duvall. The roads and highways by them are under water. There is 6 feet of water in the yard. It covers about 3.5 acres of their 5 acres. Here are some pics of the neighbors and roads and such. The next door neighbor and 2 down from them, came over to canoe. It is insane! I don't know when the roads will open but it is supposed to be drier today and tomorrow. The river is supposed to crest sometime today and then it will start receding.

This picture taken was taken today of their backyard.

This picture was taken a week ago of the same back yard.

This is insane! Personally, I think it would be more fun going canoeing in the back yard then playing in the snow

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Anonymous said...

Yipes!! That sucks!