Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th Of July 2010

We had a great 4th of July. We started the day out by going to church in the morning. After church we headed back to the house to have a BBQ. With everyone pitching in we got the lunch on the table fast. With burgers, fruit, veggie and chips. For dessert we had homemade ice cream. YUM!

After lunch a few of us went to take a nap. What a perfect afternoon. Sunday nap!

About 6pm we loaded our cars and heading towards the Pentagon. I love how we only live 12 miles from there. We found our parking just next to the Air Force Memorial and there we made camp for our fireworks watching. We were right across the river with a great view of DC fireworks. I decided I could not handle the crowds and go to the Mall to see the fireworks. After talking with locals I found this was a good place to be and not too crowded.

We had our picnic dinner with family and friends and enjoyed the fireworks.

The display was only 17 mins and it was a good show, but I have to say that I thought Fairfax had a better show. It took us 1 hour to get out of the parking lot and then only 20 mins to go 12 miles. So next year we know to park in the lower lot and found this a great place to start our family tradition.

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Janet Johnson said...

Very awesome! I really wanted to go, but with Rick at work, and Brandt sick . . . oh well, another year. Glad you enjoyed it (despite the hour wait in the parking lot).