Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Green Diet Challenge

I was thinking about what I was going to say about this Green Diet challenge that I took this past week. I have some Pros and Cons about the whole concept. My biggest Con is the protein. I just felt like I over indulged in carbs. They were good carbs, as I ate allot of fruits, veggies, but all the whole grains. The rice, barley, wheat, pasta. It just felt like the diet was too full of that stuff. So then I modified from the diet a bit in the end and found tofu and vegetable protein to help me out. In the end I will say that I had more energy, my cravings for junk food went away or at bay for a while. I found that I became very regular.

OK TMI I am sure.

In the end I found that my body is now craving for more and more raw foods. So I am going to continue on this eating of raw food and more whole foods. But I am not completely giving up my meat. Have I mentioned how much I love meat?

I have always liked my morning smoothie and kind of wavered from that old tradition. Well I am back to making them with fresh veggies in there. This morning I added some cucumbers and spinach to my blueberries, plum and mango. I used my almond milk and some protein powder. My old time favorite is by Syntrax called Fuzzy Navel. YUM! When I am not lazy I will grind some flax seeds and put that in there. It taste good and keeps me going for the mornings.

I am researching the whole food dehydrators and some other things. I like the idea of not cooking my food at a high temp, but then the whole idea of something that needs to cook for 6-8 hours. Well that sounds like planing. I plan my meals but that sounds like too much planing to me. Come to think of it I do cook with my Crockpot for 6-10 hours for our meals. But this dehydrator thing sounds complicating.

That may not be the best raw idea for me.

I like incorporating more raw foods in my diet so with that I will find where it takes us. As I said before Adam is not committed to go 100% meatless and I do love my meat.

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Cam and Chelle said...

hi my Friend! I was totally thinking about you today and did come over to take a peek at you and Adam! Miss you too, looks like you are enjoying life! xoxo