Monday, July 19, 2010

The Green Diet

This weekend we went away for a mini vacation. I will talk about that later. While on our travels we hit a book store. I always wander over to the cook books and see if there is anything interesting. I usually don't buy them especially at full price. There was something different about this book. Maybe it was the thick pages and the colorful pictures that made the food look appealing to me. The book is called "The Green Diet" by Mary Jolley.

For some reason it has inspired me to look towards other food for a source of protein. I have been trying to go more natural with my food. I try to buy the hormone free dairy and meat. I buy organic when I can and I have tried to stay away from Corn Syrup and read my labels. This weekend at the Hotel we stayed at the jam they had for the toast was apple. I looked at the first few ingredient and it read Corn Syrup and High Fructose Syrup. Are you kidding me that was the first few ingredients in some apple jam? It kind of made me mad, and then it kind of scared me as to what is going into our foods.

I did more research about this author and found out that she has a website. On the site she has a one week challenge. So I have decided to take the challenge and see if I can go without meat for a week. As I know my husband is not so much on board with the meatless life. He will eat what I make and I will have a piece of chicken breast on the side for him with my meatless meals. The diet I found is basically doing what I am already doing. There is not much of a lifestyle change other than eating more whole grains, beans and legumes. I like the idea of no sugar and keeping the dairy low to none.

As earlier this year I did an very extreme diet to help me loose some weight. I lost 20lbs and then have gained back 5lbs. The diet was very restrictive with calories and I had to completely cut out all grains, bread and starches from my diet. Sugar was something else that was not permitted. It was lean meat, veggies and fruit. No fats. With it being so restrictive my craving were insane. It got easier as time went on, but when the 6 weeks was over I could not keep up with the maintenance as I went back to eating whatever, whenever. I think diets are just what it spells. "Die with a T" I am looking for something more as a way of living. Something that gives me the health benefits and energy to live life.

I love my meat don't get me wrong, I am not sure I can give it up but I can add more variety to my diet. I noticed that when I went off the eggs, milk, cheese I felt better. So I think that will not be too hard. It is the meat that I love.

It is for one week, I am taking the challenge and I will come back in a week and let you know how I did.

I officially start tomorrow, but for dinner we had the Rice and Bean Bowl. Of course Adam had chicken with his bowl. It was very tasty and filling. I went ahead and made the Basic Healthy Granola tonight so it will be ready for my breakfast tomorrow. YUM.

The challenge is here.

Let me know if you try it.

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