Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fly to me to fix her Heart

The title to this post is misleading. I didn't fix my sister's heart. Some great surgeons at Walter Reed did. Thank goodness for fantastic doctors and technology that we have today. Through procedures that can cure the broken heart. I had my heart fixed by a great doctor at Rose Medical Center back in 2007. I was born with WPW (Wolf Parkinson White Syndrome) which is a defect in my heart that I was born with. Lucky for me and the great doctors at Rose I was able to get them to fix it with a procedure called an ablation. Hours of working on me and I was cured. My little sister Chris was born as well with a heart defect. Her heart defect is much different than mine and took her doctors who specialize many hours and two procedures to correct her heart.

Last November 2009 my sister and her hubby had to leave their four boys and fly to DC to get my sister's heart fixed. She was able to have a few days to recover from jet lag as they flew here from Germany. In the meantime we had a day to get some site seeing in and she chose to go see Mt. Vernon.

Here we are at the slave cooking quarters.

This is a view on the grounds. Isn't it lovely?

A view from the slave house.

Oh wait, she really didn't want a picture just out of surgery. But I got a good shot of her hand.

BTW you really should not make a heart patient laugh after they wake up and are loaded on pain killers. But you have got to love her sense of humor. She is the funniest person I know. Especially when she see's live animals while on Prozac. Oh that is another story.

Mom and Chris. It was so nice to have my mom fly out to be with us during this time.

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