Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Drum Cake into a Cupcake

My sister in law makes the best cakes. I have always been a box cake maker until I met Ildiko. She take such pride in all her cake creations. Whenever we are together my request is to be able to make a cake with her. One of my favorite cakes she makes is a "Drum Cake". It is a moist vanilla sponge like cake that is baked in very thin layers. We usually make 6 layers, then it is filled with a chocolate fluffy center and the top is a caramel crunch. It is an amazing cake.

We had come friends over for dessert one night and I decided that I wanted to try and turn this drum cake into cupcakes. So I baked the cake batter up as cupcakes. Then filled the cupcakes with the chocolate cream frosting. Then drizzled the caramel crunch over the top.

They tasted pretty good. But I think the cake is the better way to eat it. There is something about all the thine layers that really makes the flavors flow.

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