Wednesday, November 26, 2008

7 Random Facts about Adam

Well, I've been slacking off a little and needed to post some content on here too. Here's 7 random facts about me too:

  1. I learned to fly a plane in less than 3 months (over a summer) and got my pilot's license

  2. I once saw the Queen of Spain (only for a brief moment)

  3. I have a voracious appetite for learning about lots of things. I especially enjoy learning how things "work".

  4. I also like to learn little trivia facts about random stuff

  5. I love music and when I'm having a bad day, or just having a hard time getting motivated once in a while, I'll put on a good upbeat tune to keep me going.

  6. I love photography, in my college years I took lots of scenery shots. I love sunset and sunrise and those hard-to-find nature shots (like when the clouds form a certain way, or the sun shines through the clouds, and especially colorful sunsets). I took some pictures on some sub-tropical islands and loved to see if I could take a picture on the top of one island looking towards the next.

  7. I once rode a "jet foil" between two tropical islands. Similar to this one:

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