Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday

I have to say I am one of those fools who enjoy getting up early morning and going out on Black Friday. This year I convinced Adam to tag along with me on the fun. If you know Adam, then you know how precious his sleep is. He will not get up early for anything. So Thursday night we set out a plan. We each went into our offices and found the items we were interested in. About an hour later we met up and went over our list of deals. I was surprised to find that we had circled pretty much the same stuff. As I am trying to convince him we need the 32" flat screen and how there is this cool new gadget that I think I should get called the Cricket, he just sits and laughs at me as I plead my case. Adam is the rational one in our relationship if you couldn't tell. He talks me out of these extreme items and leads me to a more productional path of shopping. So we decide to try our luck at Office depot for the 22" monitor. As he wants to get to the store at 7am I proceed to use my wisdom of persuasion on him that we really need to get there when it opens if we think we have a chance. As his power of persuasion move my thoughts from the 32" TV to a 22" monitor. My power of persuasion gets the man up at 530am and in line at the store 2 mins before they open. What luck we were able to get the monitor. The rest of the day was running around town doing errands and decorating our home for Christmas. With all the shopping done for the season and the Christmas tree and decorations up at the house. We are ready for the season. We wish you and your family the best the Christmas and hope that you enjoy the love and treasures that the season has to offer.

PS I had to make sure the monitor works so I am using it right now. It is awesome. Maybe I will be able to convince Adam next year with my mind Yoda powers to get the 32" LCD TV.

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LOL Good luck!