Friday, November 14, 2008

Wait no more....its here

Oh, it is so beautiful. The wait is no more.

I woke up this morning as my ritual I get out of bed and peek out the window and see what the morning will bring. It is sort of a quirky thing I do every morning. I peek out the window with the anticipation that I will see something new. Every morning I see the neighbor’s car parked in the same spot, the light post shining brightly and a quiet calm street and I think to myself, I wish I was in bed. Then I walk into the bathroom and begin my grooming rituals. But this morning was different. As to my surprise I found a light dusting of snow and snowflakes falling from the sky. The light post gleamed with light and you could see the millions of tiny flakes dropping. With this made my heart skip a beat and a whirl of excitement take over. I wanted to wake Adam up and tell him it was snowing. I just looked at the lump of him under the feathers and let him sleep knowing he would have his own excitement when he was ready to wake up.

I took the back roads to work so I could slip and slide my way in. I love the rush you get when your brakes lock and you loose control just a bit. But only when you are the only one on the street and you have to be really careful not to end up in the ditch.

I remember the old days, back in high school. I drove an orange mustang, we would take that thing into the parking lot and do donuts with it. Oh the fun we had back then.


Annie Carie said...

OK so it toatlly makes sense that you were waitng for snow because you said so in that other post but I' must confess that my initial reaction to your post title was "No WAY they are getting to adopt after just being approved how awsome is that!!!"

I just wanted to let you know that there's another person way over here getting excited for when the day comes :)

Adam and Nikki said...

I have to say when the day come that we get chosen and a baby comes home with us, you will know with no question. :)

Marion in Colorado said...

I love your blog, Nikki! Your writing style is excellent and you make me smile a lot! I liked your kitchen cleaning scenario, I thought it was hilarious!!! Now I clean my floors with water and vinegar, too!