Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Does She Know?

I have some thought today to share.

So much is going through my mind about this opportunity to adopt. I wonder how it will work out, how long it will take and how the contact with our birth mother will be. We want to work at the comfort level of our birth mother. We hope with an open adoption we are able to invite our new family into ours. I want so much for our birth mother to know that her child will always know how special you are to be able to give your child life, and to know that with all your love you choose a family to raise your child. You will forever hold a special place in our hearts and with our family.

We promise you and your child will always know of your love and sacrifice you made for him/her.

Words cannot express the love that is in my heart for you. You are an idea in my mind, I can’t picture your face, and I can’t seem to know who you are or where you came from. Just hoping one day we will be able to find each other.

The love I feel for you is unique, even though we have never been able to speak. How can I thank you for your sacrifice. How can I know the tears you have shed, when I myself have shed those same tears for the opposite result. How can I know of your pain to make your choice on what to do? I wish I could know you and help you not feel alone in this time and help you find peace in your choice.

Does she know that I am kind, will she know that she is always on my mind. Does she know that this child is so wanted and will be a blessing to our home? Does she know that we are content with our life now, but will be blown away when we get the opportunity to be parents? Does she know the void that I feel in my heart? Does she know I have so much love to give and waiting for the opportunity to shower this child in our home with it? Does she know that Adam and I will be the parents that will help her child grow and spread their wings and learn and love live as we do?

Does she know who we are and who we can become in her choice?

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