Thursday, November 13, 2008

7 Random Facts about me.

Oh where do I begin? Not quite sure what to say.

1. I was born crossed eyed, and through two surgeries my eyes were corrected.

2. I could not tell time until I was 16, I some how missed that class when moving around as a child from the US to Canada back to the US. We only had digital clocks in my house. So that is why I have a fascination with clocks and I like the big ones as you can tell I have them all over my house.

3. I enjoy ice skating, when I was a kid in Canada that is what I did every Friday and Saturday night, go to the rink with friends and skate around and around and only leave the ice when it was time for it to be cleaned. I still love the ice and skating around and around and around. We don’t go anywhere except around and around and around.

4. I am double jointed and found it to be really handy when my mom who was dropping me off at early morning seminary ran over my foot/angle with the corvette. Yeah, it didn’t break or anything. Lucky me. Just got ate up by the gravel.

5. I can make an airplane out of my tongue. Ask me and I will show you.

6. I have learned with all my years of sitting quietly in sacrament meeting as a child to entertain myself with my hands, I can make some pretty cool creatures that will eat the meeting programs. Good Times.

7. I have a pretty good high kick. Ask my sister, I used to use it on her. LOL

Ok Adam ....when you read this it is your turn to add.

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Diana said...

i had no idea you lived in canada as a kid. nice to learn more about you :)