Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My project is complete

So I got the idea to redo my office this summer, to try and make it a space that I want to be in. I wanted to bring something special to the room that I house my workout equipment, my computer and now my new hobby of sewing. I really thought this through with my plan and I think it all came out pretty good with my budget. I had to really think about the future plans of this room. For now it is my space but as our family grows Adam will be pushed out of his office and into mine. So I wanted something neutral that we would both enjoy. I fell in love with this paint color and knew he would like it once he ends up in the room. But for now it’s still my room and I love it. I love the clean lines; the plant I think balances the room. I took the project on during conference weekend and finished it, but last night Adam took the time to put the pictures on the wall and I took the time to clean up my office and de-junk my desk. Thank goodness for paper shredders and that it was garbage day today. I have added shelves to my closet so everything has a place and the junk can be there just not seen. It’s all about the illusion that I am organized. LOL

Here is Adam in his office, now that is another project. TBD


Diana said...

nice! i like the color. looks like a nice place to go an unwind :)

Anonymous said...

That looks amazing! Great job!

Annie Carie said...

Decluttering is SO rewarding! Good job!

If you could't tell I'm catching up on reading your blog :)