Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fondue Anyone?

We had a blast last night. Tis the season to each cheese!
One of our traditions is to have Fondue during the holidays. We decided to jumpstart the season early and invite some friends over last night for a fondue party. I am completely bummed that my camera was not working. Not sure what is going on there, so unfortunately there are no pictures to post of the great feast. It is a great excuse for me to pull out the china and set a nice table for the event of Fondue. Fondue has a special place in my heart. I lived in Switzerland and with that experience I have a fond love for cheese, the smellier the better I say. So with that love of cheese I have to produce a table setting worthy of the food. With that I pulled out the crystal, silver chargers and the finest china.
Once the group arrived we immediately sat down to start our first course, which was a wonderful salad that Tamra brought. “Note to self – get the recipe” It was a divine! Because I like to multi-task; we had the broths simmering on the table and were able to start cooking our meat. I tried a new recipe this year for my broth and it turned out pretty good, not sure if it was a keeper though, I think I still like my vegetable one that I make. We ate chicken and stake. I had made a couple of dipping sauces for the meat. My favorite was the cracked black pepper dip. When something is made with cream cheese and butter it can never go wrong. We also had BBQ sauce with a little kick, and a garlic dill sauce. When we seemed to have our fill of meat the 3rd course began with the cheese fondue. I use the authentic Swiss recipe for my fondue which is made with Gruyere and Emmentaler cheese. Yeah baby! You really have to pace yourself with this meal. My favorite part of the cheese fondue is when the cheese is almost gone and the cheese starts to burn on the bottom of the pot and there you find the garlic pieces and burned cheese. Oh does it get better than this? I also served an apple herbal tea as the beverage on the side of the meal. Everyone was willing to try at least a cup. The Swiss believe to serve a warm drink with their fondue as to not let the cheese harden in their tummies, and so we drank this wonderful tea my sister sent to me from Germany. With a full belly of salad, meats and cheese it was time to push the limit and have dessert which was a chocolate fondue. Unfortunately one of our couples had to take the chocolate and treats on the road as it was time to get back home and relieve their babysitter. But those who stay sat back played a little of the Wii and ate a wonderful spread that another couple brought of yummy items to dip in the chocolate. One of my favorites off these platters of heaven was the bite size rice crispy treats. I have never thought to add that to the plate to dip in chocolate. Oh where have I been?

All in All it was a great night with good friends, good food and lots of fun, one that we will remember for a life time.

Adam was so helpful; after everyone was gone we had a pile of dishes to do. I tried to keep up with them during the night, but of course as your belly gets fuller and the cheese sits in, you kind of just want to kick back and relax and let the food just settle. Adam helped me clean up after the party and we chatted at the sink as we hand washed the crystal and the china and laughed together into the late night. Once the kitchen was clean, the dishwasher set and the dry dishes on the counter we went upstairs with "the girls" and had our family cuddles for an hour or so, this is wher we just sit together with a big blanket and the dogs find their places with their chewy and we talk about stuff on our minds. It was the best part of the night.
I just want to say how much I love Adam and how good we are together. He is my friend, my companion, and my life. I am so glad that we were able to find each other. The wait was worth it.

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